We provide School, Sports, PCA, and Work Physicals.

School Physical Exam

Before enrolling your child in school, a physical exam might be required.  Our team at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness are skilled at completing school physicals and filling out required school physical forms. The school physical exam might include general well-being checks, including heart and respiratory function checks, and assessments to determine if any other health issues could affect the child’s performance in school, or could impact other children in the school.

The school physical exam might also include required vaccinations.

Sports Physical Exam

If you or your child plays a sport, a sports physical exam might be required before participation. A sports physical looks at factors that will affect you on the field, on the court, on the track or in the pool. The exam is divided into two parts:

  • The medical history portion of the exam asks questions about hereditary (family) and lifestyle factors that might impact your health. This includes health problems experienced by your parents or other relatives that they might have passed on to you, as well as health problems (e.g. fainting, chest pain) that you might have experienced in the past.
  • The physical exam portion assesses your current health. Your provider will take your blood pressure, listen to your heart, check your weight and height, feel your abdomen, check your eyesight, and test your strength and flexibility.

If your school or sports league gave you a sports physical exam form, please bring it with you to your appointment. Please fill out as much of the health history portion as possible before your visit.

DOT Physical Exam

If you drive or operate vehicles for a living, a DOT physical (Department of Transportation physical) is a common part of your job. The doctors at Sahara West Urgent Care providers regularly complete DOT physicals. The DOT physical assesses your overall health, including vision, hearing, blood pressure and other factors that could affect your safety behind the wheel.

Personal Care Assistant Physical Exam

Whether you need a physical exam to meet an employment requirement to serve in health care industry , the team of board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness is ready to assist you.
We provide  additional TB testing, chest X-ray, and Quantiferon gold plus blood test

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How can we help you?

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